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With the changing of seasons we thought why not change up our bottle beer list? We've added a few extra pale ale's plus switching out beers from all of our categories. Today I tried the Leinenkugel Summer Shandy and WOW!! It was very refreshing and perfect for this time of year!! We're also bringing in a few of beers from Oskar Blue's Brewery from Colorado. These beers are actually served in the can.

Now, now, now.. Some may question the idea of canned beer with thoughts like, "But I've been taught to think canned beer is bad. What about the metallic taste?" Think of draft beer which is stored in a metal keg. So essentially canned beer is like a mini keg. :) Plus when it comes to storage canned beer is able to better protect beer from light and oxygen. Cans are airtight and oxygen-free. With bottled beer oxygen can leach into the bottled beer under the bottle caps thus affecting the taste. So embrace your inner outdoorsman. Canned beer doesn't break and gives you a great taste!! 

Have you tried any of our new beers yet? If so please tell us what you like!! We love getting feedback!! Plus if you haven't tried SWEETWATER 420 (our rotational draft) then do it!! The Georgia Brewery makes some really tasty beers and the 420 is one not to miss.