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'Tis The Season

The 12 days of Christmas contest has started. If you are not a fan of our Mainstreet Pub Facebook Page, join up now for your chance to win!! We're giving away prizes like T-shirts, Canvas bags and $$ to Mainstreet!!! Plus we have plans for the final 12 day countdown.

Speaking of plans, we have BIG plans for this Friday's End of the World Party.. Rumor has it we just upgraded our Jager Machine giveaway to something MUCH bigger.. I'm hearing rumors of a Mexican vacation!! So don't miss out on this event!!!  End it all at Mainstreet!!

Don't worry, it's not really going to end.. We'll be celebrating life on Christmas night!! We open at 7pm and Christmas is actually a pretty busy night for us! Everyone is home for the holidays and can't wait to get their hands on a Orange Crush. What is your favorite holiday activity?

Our favorite thing to do around the holidays is cater holiday parties! Last week we had one or two EVERY DAY! It was awesome and you're not too late to jump on the bandwagon! Call us today for booking any party- we do them year around!

All kidding and shameless promotion aside we want to say thank you. Thank you to our customers who help let us continue to do what we love- hospitality. Most of us have been with Mainstreet Pub for years and we are a big family. Coming to see us with a big smile, a funny joke or even on your bad days because you know we'll help make it better-- well it matters the world to us because you think of us as family too. So have a wonderful holiday and know you're always welcome at Mainstreet Pub.