Get up to date news and views from our bar and restaurant in Melbourne, FL. Mainstreet Pub.

We're Back!

After some hard work we have a brand new website!!! One great new feature is this blog where we can comment back and forth!! We're so excited to stay more in touch with you and continue making the Pub better and better.

Speaking of better... Have you tried our new menu yet?! WOW! I know it's our place, but seriously just come in and try the food. We have a lot of great new items. What's new other than menu items about our menu is the specials. We're now doing weekly (instead of daily) blue plate specials and monthly seasonal specials. Our current seasonal special is the pork schnitzel and the potato pancakes! Both are very tasty!! We only have it until mid October so get it while you can!

We've been getting a lot of private parties in for birthdays, Harris, etc so be sure to start thinking about your holiday parties at Mainstreet. :)