Get up to date news and views from our bar and restaurant in Melbourne, FL. Mainstreet Pub.

Part of the family

Mainstreet Pub has been a staple in Downtown for 7 ½ years. We have seen Downtown grow into a thriving nightlife and are so proud to be a part of it. If you’ve been to Mainstreet Pub then you know how much pride we take into creating our cocktails. All the fruit in our drinks are fresh squeezed. That’s right, juicer on the bar with a bowl of fruit being squeezed right in front of you kind of fresh squeezed. This makes for amazing margaritas and our famous Orange Crush.

We also take pride in our food. Next time you’re in try our signature slow cooked Roast Beef Sandwich served on a warm Kummelweck bun. Or for the lighter fare one of our brand new salads.

Our owners really put in a lot of heart when building Mainstreet Pub. Our 3 distinctive bars are great for not only private parties, but night life as well. Are you feeling Mojitos in the Tiki Bar? An Old Fashion from our Whiskey Bar? Or maybe a dirty martini from our upstairs Lava Bar. No matter what atmosphere you crave, we got it.

Mainstreet Pub aims to appease all your senses from sight, smell, taste to sound. We have nightly live entertainment from acoustic duos to DJs. Some local, some from out of the state. Either way, all your senses will be pleased.

This season we will be serving up great food and drink specials so be sure not to miss it. After all, you are our family and we wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with anyone else. So come on in and say hi, try an appetizer and have a drink at Mainstreet Pub!